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If you are not satisfied with your current salary or job, please feel free to contact us. We will introduce you to a company that offers the conditions you want. We are a recruitment agency that offers HR services to meet the specific needs of employers in Japan. Our advantage is providing recruitment solutions of foreign national IT and bilingual professionals.


Start with understanding your optimal career direction.

We are an IT and bilingual recruitment agency established in 2006. In addition to our HR business, we also have technical language service one, which we work with some of Japan’s leading companies. Therefore, many of jobs we introduce to you are from top-tier companies. Our motto is to be fair and honest.
We have also developed a trust relationship with Indian companies for more than a decade in the IT and communications fields.

We help overseas job seekers to find a place where they can fully utilize their skills fully, and once they are employed, we support them to enjoy work in Japan, without stress.


We have flexible options to help you achieve your career and personal goals.

<Don’t worry!>
To enable a smooth transition for candidates, we can provide relocation support and help manage any visa sponsorship they may need to work in another country.

Direct Hire

Search confidentially for your next opportunity without risking your current employment. We will conduct a search on your terms. Connecting you with the right employers, scheduling interviews, vetting requirements.

Contract-to-Hire (Temp-to-Perm)

Taking on a new position is risky, but not when you can try it out before making a commitment. Contract to hire (Temp-to-Perm) allows you and the employer to come to a meeting of the minds before deciding whether adding you to the team will be mutually beneficial.

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Further your career in contract or project positions that offer both flexibility and opportunity. Whether you want to try out a new industry or enjoy the freedom of moving from project to project, we can help you design the career that works best for you.


15 Years in Japanese
HR Industry

With a track-record of satisfying recruiting service, we are regarded as a reliable HR partner in Japan. Especially we have long experience in the placement of non-Japanese workers with full language support, such as working visa assistance and a guide on how to live in Japan.

10 Years Biz with
India and IT

Based on our experience in Indian software sales, offshoring and quality assurance by participating in multinational large projects, we can facilitate the offshoring development in India with qualified advices, to lead them to the big success.

Over 100,000
Language Projects

In 15 years, we have provided More than 100,000 projects of translation and interpretation service to various industries. We believe the communication is a very powerful tool – especially in business.  We are the best Bridger here, too.

Why we do this business?

Because we want to solve the problem of the IT human resource shortage in Japan.
For this reason, by utilizing our experience and network, we will find talents from overseas, especially from India, who have the skills that hiring companies are looking for.

Why can we do this?

Our founder & CEO, Ms. K Shimada, who has long experience in overseas business, started the company in 2006 to help Japanese companies develop their global business by providing expert language services.
Her background in global business and human resource business enabled her to develop the business into a recruitment service of foreigners in Japan and abroad. This is natural stream.
In 2007, we started outsourcing our localization to a translation company in India – we began to do business with India, such as selling Indian software and supporting offshore development.
For the business success , we have added new Japanese  IT experts and Indian business person into our team, in order to provide more professional and smooth HR service,


  1.  You can get abundant information about a hiring company.
  2. You can grasp your market value through objective career diagnosis.
  3.  You can find your strength through our career.
  4. You can get one-on-one support for your career change. 
  5. and,,, FREE OF CHARGE to jobseekers.

Let’s find a suitable job to make you happy! 


We are a recruiting agency specializing in Engineering x Bilingual. As a result, our clients are mainly global companies in manufacturing, plant and IT industries. (Excerpt)


We are reliable team trusted by people regardless of their nationality, language or culture.

Kuniko Shimada

CEO & Founder

Srivasta M

Manager of Indian Biz

Yuka Hatae 

Manager of PR and IT

Masumu Murata

Consultant of Indian Biz

CEO Message

Support Digitization from HR Perspective

We are living in a time of radical change. The COVID-19 has caused a structural change in our society which we cannot compare to past changes. This impact may be as great as that of the Meiji Restoration, which marked as the beginning of Japan’s civilization. I think it is important for us to be aware of the big changes taking place and to enjoy them as we go through this era.

However, Japan has been a chronical shortage of IT engineers who will support the digitization that causes such change. So we have to provide a solution to this shortage problem by sourcing talented foreign IT engineers ,mainly from India, to companies. Because we have the skills, know-how and experiences to do this.

We don’t mind if we win or not, but we want to make an environment where overseas talents can exploit their abilities to the full to help the hiring company grow. As a team, we will work together to contribute to the development of the digital society and to the happiness of the people in the future.

Company Profile

Company K's Intrnational Co., Ltd.
Founder & CEO Kuniko Shimada
Establsied Jan, 2006
Capital JPY 20 million (or US$ 190T)
No of employee 16
Primary Business ・Recruitment service, Temporary staffing service ・Global business support (Offshore development) ・Expert language services
Goverment license ・Employment agency license  ・Temporary staffing agency license
Adddress (Tokyo) 2-12-10-B602, Meguro, Meguro-ku, 153-0063 (Osaka) 4-8-10-4F Koraibashi, Chuoh-ku, Osaka, 534-0024
Contact TEL +81(06) 7896-6600 Email:



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